When Margaret was starting the business, some acquaintances were beginning a similar enterprise in Scotland. They swapped recipes and we gained the sultana drop. They are a crunchy, chewy syrupy biscuit which are rolled into balls by hand and then baked for 25minutes.

Cranberry and oat is basically the same recipe but with some of the flour replaced by oats and cranberries instead of sultanas.

Our shortbread is just flour, butter and sugar; it’s a simple as that. They have to be cooked to perfection though.

We make gingerbread with butter, soft dark brown sugar and lashings of powdered ginger for a spicy crunchy biscuit.

For a really chocolaty biscuit, try ours. There is an ounce of cocoa for every six ounces of flour, the smell when they are cooking is absolutely delicious, a crunchy biscuit, ideal for dunking!