Tray Bakes

We make a variety of tray bakes. Belgian Caramel Shortcake is an all butter shortbread covered with our home-made caramel and smothered in Belgian chocolate. Bs favourite, named after our friend B, is a luxurious mix of fruit, nuts, biscuits and cocoa. Date and apricot slices which are a mix of wholemeal flour and oats, filled with mashed apricots or dates for a gooey, chewy treat.

Fruit Cake

Our legendary rich farmhouse fruitcakes are made using a secret family recipe. They are so packed with fruit that there is more fruit than all the other ingredients put together. They are perfect for Christmas cakes, wedding cakes or just to have with a cup of tea.


We make scones twice a week to coincide with our deliveries so they are fresh when the customer receives them. All hand cut by Kelly and Claire they are absolutely delicious. We use mustard powder in the cheese scones for a bit of a kick and parmesan for flavour. The fruit scones have plenty of sultanas in and the plain scones are perfect for covering in jam and clotted cream.

Sausage Rolls

We make our own pastry for our sausage rolls and use sausage meat from our local butcher, EW Revett and sons. In our opinion it is the best sausage meat in the world, a secret family recipe which has been passed down over the generations. The sausage meat is rolled into long sausages (about two feet long) using a hand sausage making machine. These are placed on our pastry which has been rolled using a pastry break. The sausage rolls are then all cut by hand and placed on a tray to bake in our ovens.

Buns and Cupcakes

Our buns and cupcakes are all hand piped using our own sponge mixes which are made from scratch. No two buns are exactly the same! Dawn and Claire then add our home made butter cream. We regularly make over a thousand buns on a Wednesday leaving poor Dawn and Claire with aching hands!

Fudge Cakes

We make our own fudge icing using butter, syrup, milk, vanilla, sugar and high quality cocoa. The butter, syrup milk and vanilla are all melted together in a giant pan and then beaten in one of our big mixers with the sugar and cocoa. This is used to fill and top our chocolate cake made using drinking chocolate. These cakes make excellent puddings. On cold winter evenings try taking a slice and warming it gently until the icing just starts to melt, serve with a good quality vanilla ice cream.


Our sponge mixes are all made fresh from scratch by Emma or Claire, using local flour, free range eggs and British sugar. We make them exactly as you would at home except that we can get 16lbs of flour in each mixing bowl. The sponges are then filled with our home-made butter cream by Kelly, Claire or Dawn and then packed by Dale, the only boy in the bake house! Orange and lemon cakes are covered with a mixture of fresh juice and sugar for that perfect crunch.


We make our own filling for our syrup tarts, it’s just syrup which comes from British sugar (beet not cane), breadcrumbs and lemon juice. The filling is then put into pastry cases made from our home-made pastry and baked until golden and gooey.

Bakewell tarts are made using the same pastry and our own filling of ground almonds, free range egg, lemons and cake crumbs made from our own sponges. The filling is placed carefully on a layer of delicious jam.

Cheese Straws

Our cheese straws are made with butter, extra mature cheddar and parmesan for flavour and cayenne and mustard powder for that extra kick. The mix is rolled out and every single cheese straw is cut by hand. There is over 2000 cheese straws per batch and we make two batches per week. That’s a lot of cutting!


When Margaret was starting the business, some acquaintances were beginning a similar enterprise in Scotland. They swapped recipes and we gained the sultana drop. They are a crunchy, chewy syrupy biscuit which are rolled into balls by hand and then baked for 25minutes.

Cranberry and oat is basically the same recipe but with some of the flour replaced by oats and cranberries instead of sultanas.

Our shortbread is just flour, butter and sugar; it’s a simple as that. They have to be cooked to perfection though.

We make gingerbread with butter, soft dark brown sugar and lashings of powdered ginger for a spicy crunchy biscuit.

For a really chocolaty biscuit, try ours. There is an ounce of cocoa for every six ounces of flour, the smell when they are cooking is absolutely delicious, a crunchy biscuit, ideal for dunking!