About us

Farmhouse Cooking Ltd is a small family business which began as a farm diversification scheme in 1989.

As her children grew older, Margaret Holland, former nurse and midwife, started cooking from the farmhouse kitchen and selling cakes and pastries to the local villagers from a trestle table outside her front door.

After about a year Mrs Holland was approached by Mrs Blyth from Friday Street Farm Shop at Farnham to provide her with her home-made cakes. The business grew through word of mouth and now supplies over 20 outlets covering Suffolk and parts of Essex.

Despite production levels having grown considerably over the years, the standard and quality of the home-baked products has remained unchanged.


Everything is handmade as you would at home; we just use a bigger mixer and bigger ovens.

As Company policy, our ingredients are sourced locally where possible, free range eggs are purchased from Havensfield Happy Hens and our sausage meat from EW Revett and Son, our local village butcher. Most of the more exotic ingredients such as sultanas and almonds come from a small wholesaler in Ipswich. We use British sugar in our products ensuring that our sugar comes from British farms. This way Farmhouse Cooking forms a link in a chain of small businesses supporting each other. We also take the necessary steps to manage our environmental impact by minimising our energy, fuel and resource consumption.